Feb 20

Celia C Bakery Featured in Arlington Magazine

Our small bakery is featured in the March/April issue of Arlington Magazine! Back in January we had the pleasure of being visited by Mr. Walter Nicholls, famous food critic. He had found our swirls at the Local Market in Falls Church and he was curious about what we were up to. The article talks about the history behind the bakery as well as current and future plans. Be sure to pick it up from the news stand!

Dec 12

What Are Our Products Made Of ?

Not using wheat makes life hard when trying to make baked products. Making them without potato and soy flour makes it even harder. If you look at the gluten free products in most grocery stores, you will find that they all contain a lot of soy and potato flour. At Celia C Bakery we do not use those flours. Not because there is anything inherently wrong with them but because a lot of people suffer from allergies to soy and potato (nightshades.) Instead we use less common flours like arrowroot, tapioca and garbanzo in addition to brown rice flour.

Here is a little bit of information on what our products may contain:

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is a starch that comes from cassava root. It is a root used worldwide that originated in Brazil. Tapioca is primarily carbohydrates, low in saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and protein.It has some folic acid, iron and calcium as well as some omega-3, omega-6 and dietary fiber.

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Aug 23

Cinnamon Swirls Anyone?

Nothing makes someone with food sensitivies feel more like an outcast than walking through a shopping mall with one of those Cinnamon Bun places. The smell of the sugar and cinnamon is enough to make you run home for that pack of snickerdoodles you have hidden for an emergency snack-attack. Well, no more. Together with our delicious breads we are also launching our delicious “Cinnamon Swirls”.

They are backed fresh (and stays fresh as well…) and will make you feel like a normal person again! Follow our Twitter feed (button to the right of the page) to be notified when they are available at the local grocery store.

Aug 19

Our Bread Launching at The Local Market in Falls Church City

At last – our delicious fresh gluten-free bread is available at The Local Market in Falls Church!

Availability may be limited. We will post on Twitter when fresh bread has been delivered so make sure to subscribe to our feed (in general, bread will be baked and delivered on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.)

Our gluten-free bread is tested to have less than < 5 ppm of gluten.

Initially we will be selling only “Leifs Bread.” The bread is made from ingredients like brown rice, tapioca, garbanzo bean, arrowroot and a small dash of agave and flaxseed. Yum!